Trump 3

Author : Augustin Ostace
Genre : Political Science
Publisher : Alpha & Omega Sapiens - Uppublishing Being / Augustin Ostace
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 95 page

…The Trump saga goes further and further… Politics, particularly in United States, through its world pivotal and medial leadership, implies all kinds of human activities, all human endeavor, in our digital, genomic and internet times… …It seems to be and to become a huge hurdle in trying to make the difference between knowledge of politics (of American one) and the American existence… The first one has no boundaries in going into unspeakable labyrinths, the second one has the power of unite generations and generations through centuries of history and legends… …But, generally speaking, America and Western Europe (European Union, minus Brexit, and minus the true values of Old Europe!) have done a plethora of mistakes in the last decades of world history, encouraging illegal migration, or criminality out of vice world to take place inside of their blamable populations… The consequences of such stupid behavior are a deficit of their own budged in tens thousands billions of Dollar or Euro, crimes on streets, terrorism, fanatism, drugs–addiction, homeless, beggars and high rate of suicide… …Against a such catastrophic development is intended our topics of TRUMP followed by the numbers of enlisted books, Trump – 1, Trump – 2, Trump – 3, Trump – 4 and so on, who, at least, has the courage in saying many dramatic truths and realities of the Western World… …In hoping of reaching out a philosophical level of Trump movement in America, comparable with that of Theresa May in England, of Marine Le Pen in France, of Salvini and Beppo Grillo in Italy, of Gauland in Germany or Orban in Hungary, let’s go further with the series of our fighter and challenger in American Politics, and not confined only in American politics… Trumptologist

Defending Trump

Author : Stephen Barry
Genre : Political Science
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 9781663201218
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 732 page

President Donald J. Trump has been the subject of withering attacks on his character and fitness for office since announcing his candidacy for president in 2015. The radical left, Democrats and their media allies, and “Never Trump” Republicans say he poses a threat to the presidency, our governing institutions, and our national character. He’s repeatedly accused of being a liar, racist, misogynist and dictator. Stephen Barry and Marc Z. Lieberman, longtime friends with opposite views of Trump, debate his presidency in real time in this book. Through text messages, they highlight the stark divide in how the public views Trump. From Trump’s efforts to ban immigration from dysfunctional Muslim-majority countries, to his plans to build a wall on the Mexican border, to his initial response to the coronavirus pandemic, the authors consider the consequences of his actions—as well as his motives. For those who oppose Trump, the underlying theme is that he should not be permitted to exercise the powers of his office. But are they right? See the arguments for Trump as well as why it’s imperative that he be allowed to serve.

The Truth About Trump

Author : Michael D'Antonio
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Publisher : A Thomas Dunne Book for St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN : 9781250116963
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 352 page

Who is the man shaking up the GOP? What does he really stand for? How far will he go in his pursuit of power? This is THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP He is one of the world’s most successful businessmen—and a man who many Americans love to hate. So how did Donald Trump become a serious contender in the race for the country’s highest office? His critics think his run for president is a marketing campaign for the Trump brand. His supporters believe that he can make America great again. The only thing both sides can agree on is that Trump is a man whose appetite for wealth, attention, power, and conquest is insatiable. In this up-close-and-personal biography, author Michael D’Antonio draws upon extensive and exclusive interviews with Trump himself to present the full story behind this American icon—from his early life to the headlines of today. “Carefully reported and fair-minded.”—USA Today “A brisk and entertaining read.” —The Washington Post Previously published in hardcover as Never Enough.

The Tweets Of President Donald J Trump

Author : Forefront Books
Genre : Political Science
Publisher : Forefront Books
ISBN : 9781948677561
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 322 page

Love them or hate them, the tweets of President Donald J. Trump rule the Twitterverse. Until our last presidential campaign, television, particularly campaign ads, dominated the political landscape. But with the rise of Donald J. Trump came a new political tool: the internet. Trump used this to communicate instantly and very effectively with the American people. And it worked. Establishing his political positions by tweeting numerous times a day, Trump pulled a major upset by defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States. Once in office, Trump did not abandon his penchant for using Twitter as his populist platform. Instead, he doubled down on it, making it his primary means of communicating with the American people. Knowing how effective a tweet can be, Trump once wrote, “Boom. I press it and within two seconds we have breaking news.” With a massive Twitter following of 78 million by the spring of 2020, Trump’s direct impact upon Americans cannot be dismissed, nor can the value of his tweets as an essential part of the historical record be denied. To put the enormous impact of his tweets into perspective, Trump won the White House with 63 million votes—a number significantly lower than his massive Twitter following. Now you can read the collected tweets of wisdom—or ridiculousness—from President Donald J. Trump, from his inauguaration through February 2020 in this historically significant collection.

The Impeachment Of Donald Trump

Author : Robert S. Mueller
Genre : Law
Publisher : e-artnow
ISBN : EAN:4064066050702
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 806 page

The impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, the incumbent president of the United States, was initiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on September 24, 2019, after a whistleblower alleged that Donald Trump may have abused the power of the presidency. This book provides the complete overview of all the reports and documents related to the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, including declassified documents, transcripts and reports of various US security agencies and other actors involved in the investigation. Impeachment: An Overview of Constitutional Provisions, Procedure, and Practice Efforts to Impeach Donald Trump Documents & Transcripts Related to Impeachment Attempt Dismissal of James Comey James Comey FBI Farewell Letter Representative Al Green Calls for Trump Impeachment Jason Chaffetz Letter to FBI Over Comey Memo Legal Grounds for Appointing a Special Counsel The Jurisdiction and the Power of a Special Counsel Appointment of Special Counsel to Investigate Russian Interference With the 2016 Presidential Election and Related Matters Comey Statement for the Record Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Executive Order - Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities Russian Cyber Activity – The Grizzly Steppe Report Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections Joint Statement on Committee Inquiry into Russian Intelligence Activities National Security Agency Report Letter From William Barr to Leaders of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees Notifying Them About Conclusion of the Investigation The Mueller Report

The Global Trump

Author : Paul J.J. Welfens
Genre : Political Science
Publisher : Springer Nature
ISBN : 9783030217846
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 374 page

"This book is able to explain and analyze what has eluded both scholars and thought leaders in business and the media - how and why populism has grabbed center stage. Highly recommendable." -David B. Audretsch, Indiana University Bloomington, USA "Welfens provides valuable insight into US politics and describes the strategic options for Europe going forward." -Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley, USA "With great skill Welfens traces the implications of US populism for the global economic system." - Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University, USA "This critique of Trump ́s fiscal and international trade policies and their weak intellectual basis deserves the attention of US and European readers alike" -Richard H. Tilly, University of Münster, Germany What lies behind the Trump victory of 2016 and the US' new raft of economic policies? Is a populist presidency in the United States likely to be a temporary phenomenon or a structural long-term challenge? In an era of declining multilateralism, what can the US still stand to learn from Europe, where several countries have effective lifetime economic welfare equal to that of the US - and what can the EU learn from the US in return? Furthermore, what international economic dynamics can be expected from the Sino-US trade conflict and can globalization be maintained? In this timely volume, Paul Welfens provides a rare, clear-sighted and scholarly analysis of the global problems created by Trump's protectionism and economic policy. He leverages his understanding of these problems to make concrete policy suggestions that could help prevent the world economy from falling back into a variant of the Great Powers regime of the late nineteenth century.

Political Landscapes Of Donald Trump

Author : Barney Warf
Genre : Science
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 9780429512421
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 342 page

This book delves into the life and work of President Donald Trump, who is arguably the most famous and controversial person in the world today. While his administration has received enormous attention, few have studied the spatial dimensions of his policies. Political Landscapes of Donald Trump explores the geographies of Trump from multiple conceptual standpoints. It contextualizes Donald and his rise to power within the geography of his victory in 2016. Several essays in the book are concerned with his white ethno-nationalist political platform and social bases of support. Others focus on Trump’s use of Twitter, his ties to professional wrestling, and his innumerable lies and deceits. Yet another set delves into the geopolitics of his foreign policies, notably in Cuba, Korea, the Middle East, and China. Finally, it covers how his administration has addressed – or failed to address – climate change and its treatment of undocumented immigrants. This book will be of interest to anyone interested in the Trump administration, as well as social scientists and the informed lay public.

Donald Trump Biography

Author : Gilad James, PhD
Genre :
Publisher : Gilad James Mystery School
ISBN : 9780162104518
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 89 page

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York City. He became a businessman and television personality, most famous for his role as the host of reality show "The Apprentice". Trump was raised in Queens by his father, a wealthy real estate developer. He attended the New York Military Academy before receiving a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Trump worked in his father's company before becoming the president of the company in 1974. Trump's flamboyant style and business acumen made him an icon in New York City. He became a prominent figure in the city's social scene as well as its business world. In the 1980s, Trump expanded his real estate empire beyond New York City, purchasing properties in Atlantic City and around the world. Trump also expanded his brand, licensing his name to a variety of products, including vodka, furniture, and clothing. In 2016, he launched a presidential campaign and defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States. During his four-year tenure, he made numerous decisions that were controversial and polarizing, but often led to financial and economic gains for the country.

God And Donald Trump

Author : Stephen E. Strang
Genre : Political Science
Publisher : Charisma Media
ISBN : 9781629994871
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 256 page

Over 100 5- Star Reviews! Featured on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC This book will help me to understand who Donald Trump is, what he really believes, where his vision for America will lead us, and where God is in all of this.

Trump Tweets The World Reacts

Author : Regina Luttrell
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
Publisher : Lexington Books
ISBN : 9781498563093
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 245 page

Trump Tweets, the World Reacts: Understanding What Is Relevant and Why illustrates and articulates the intimate connection between theories presented in communication and the mediums through which President Trump communicates. Drawing on a range of theoretical and empirical perspectives, this collection examines several transformations and implications of President Trump’s influence on the social sphere, within economies, among government entities, and on the communications profession.