Look At You Now

Author : Liz Pryor
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780812998009
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 273 page

The author recounts her experiences as a pregnant teenager in a government-run facility for delinquent teenage girls, describing the bonds she formed with the other girls and how the experience changed how she sees the world.

Breakaway Learners

Author : Karen Gross
Genre : Education
Publisher : Teachers College Press
ISBN : 9780807775776
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 224 page

This powerful book explores how institutions of higher education can successfully serve “breakaway” students—first-generation, low-income students who are trying to break away from the past in order to create a more secure future. The gap between low-SES and high-SES students persists as efforts to close it have not met with great success. In this provocative book, Gross offers a new approach to addressing inequities by focusing on students who have succeeded despite struggling with the impacts of poverty and trauma. Gross draws on her experience as a college president to outline practical steps that postsecondary institutions can take to create structures of support and opportunity that build reciprocal trust. Students must trust their institutions and professors, professors must trust their students, and eventually students must learn to trust themselves. “A must-read for academics, policymakers, teachers, social service providers, police chiefs, and government officials.” —Martha Kanter, former under secretary, U.S. Department of Education “We need to pay attention to what Karen Gross says. Read this book, then share it.” —Mark Huddleston, president, University of New Hampshire “Karen Gross offers practical ideas based on her research and, more importantly, on her substantial leadership in assisting our nation’s colleges and universities serving at-risk students.” —Marybeth Gasman, University of Pennsylvania

I Thought It Was Just Me But It Isn T

Author : Brené Brown
Genre : Psychology
Publisher : Avery
ISBN : 9781592403356
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 338 page

Draws on research with hundreds of interviewees to identify the pervasive influence of cultural shame, discussing how women can recognize the ways in which shame influences their health and relationships and can be transformed into courage and connectivity.

What Did I Do Wrong

Author : Liz Pryor
Genre : Family & Relationships
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9780743288842
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 208 page

It happens without warning, and it hits you with devastating force. Your closest girlfriend, the Ethel to your Lucy, the Thelma to your Louise, cuts you off completely. No more late-night phone calls, no more afternoon e-mails, no more catch-up lunches and dinners. She has decided for whatever reason to move on with her life and has left you to figure it out on your own. The experience can be as painful and confusing as a sudden breakup with a significant other, and you replay scenes from the friendship and wonder what you did wrong. Until now, women had to endure the heartache of losing a friend all alone, without the social support and understanding that accompanies, say, a romantic split-up -- and to make matters worse, they don't even have their best friend's shoulder to cry on. But What Did I Do Wrong? gives you that sympathetic shoulder and a resource -- and some answers -- that you can rely on. After author Liz Pryor had gone through a number of these breakups herself, she set out to discover why they were happening, how to help herself -- and others -- get through them...and how to prevent them from happening again. Through personal interviews and her popular website, www.lizpryor.com, Pryor collected hundreds of stories of friendships with which you will identify. Now she draws on those stories to explore the dynamics of friendship breakups in a candid, intimate way, revealing the patterns, the warning signs, and some ways to put a friendship right or help it change to meet your or your friend's changing life. She also explains how to end a friendship -- if you find that you need to do so -- in ways that honor both parties' feelings and your history together. Like the best kind of girlfriend -- one who really will stay friends forever -- Pryor blends plain, old-fashioned, feminine good sense and good humor with genuine empathy for the thousands of women who live with the confusion that lingers after an ended friendship -- for women of all ages, races, and backgrounds. What Did I Do Wrong? validates your feelings and inspires you to be more forthright and compassionate with new and old friends. It might even lead you to reconnect with a lost one. In the end, you will be moved and uplifted by the many stories of strong friendships, broken friendships, and renewed friendships that make this book a treasure of women's wisdom and experiences.

The Power Model System

Author : Kay Bennett Ph.D.
Genre : Self-Help
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
ISBN : 9781490719306
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 325 page

When Your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Sides are in Balance, You Can Build a Life Full of Joy and Success. Without This Balance There Will Be an Invisible Force Holding You Back From Being Your True Self. You can fall into illusion or stay in reality in any environment or during any event. Consistent dependence on others keeps you in illusion. Independence is reality. Your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Physical powers empower you if they are nurtured, and disempower you if they are ignored. The Power Model System empowers you through self-discovery which in-of-itself reveals the invisible forces holding you back. Take the Journey of Self-Discovery Now!

The Inheritance Of Shame

Author : Peter Gajdics
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Publisher : SCB Distributors
ISBN : 9781941932094
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 360 page

Read the book that's getting conversion therapy banned in Canada Winner of the Independent Book Publisher Award, Finalist for the Randy Shilts Award for Gay Nonfiction and the Saints and Sinners Emerging Writer Award. "Unforgettable... This book is appallingly appropriate in these times." — FOREWORD REVIEWS This resonant and acclaimed memoir recounts the six years that the author spent in a bizarre form of conversion therapy that attempted to "cure" him of his homosexuality, and the inspiring story of how he cast out shame and reclaimed his life. Kept with other patients in a cult-like home in British Columbia, Canada, Peter Gajdics was under the authority of a dominating, rogue psychiatrist who controlled his patients, in part, by creating and exploiting a false sense of family. Juxtaposed against his parents' tormented past–his mother's incarceration and escape from a communist concentration camp in post-World War II Yugoslavia, and his father's upbringing as an orphan in war-torn Hungary, The Inheritance of Shame explores the universal themes of childhood trauma, oppression, and intergenerational pain. “DEEPLY MOVING." — THE ADVOCATE “RAW AND UNFLINCHING" — KIRKUS REVIEWS “A HERO’S JOURNEY IN WHICH ANY READER, GAY OR STRAIGHT, CAN FIND INSPIRATION.” — LAMBDA LITERARY FOUNDATION All over the United States and Canada, districts, cities and states are banning conversion, ex-gay and reparative therapies. A powerful example of "healing through memoir," this book offers the most complete and compelling reason for those bans to date. A groundbreaking memoir, The Inheritance of Shame offers insights into overcoming all kinds of shame, especially that which has trickled down from previous generations, and into the complicated but all-too-worthwhile process of forgiveness.

The Unfolding Covid 19 My Thoughts Memoirs And Patient S Stories

Author : Ramsis F. Ghaly MD
Genre : Religion
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 9781664172968
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 699 page

There is so much happening as we the people of the world continue to evolve through COVID-19, with it, undoubtedly, being one of the most catastrophic events of modern times. This book is a continuation of my previous book titled; “Coronavirus: The Pandemic of the Century and the Wrath of God”. It recalls actual stories and memories thus far as mankind continues to evolve from the gloominess of COVID-19. This book represents my thoughts, views and various life events that I wish to share with you all. As a neurosurgeon and an anesthesiologist working the front lines within three major medical centers of the greater metropolitan area of Chicago, I have, without hesitancy, never closed my doors to my patients. My faith in our Lord Jesus and my abounding love to my patients, residents, and students has kept me going and strengthened my soul. During COVID and as the world coming out of COVID, it was a good time to flash back in marvelous works of our Lord, my patients stories and my achievements, performances, lessons learned. This book is centered in deep Christian rituals and meditations consisting of 115 chapters distributed over 12 sections touching on various topics that have passed through my mind during the evolution of COVID-19. These topics range from what I deem, critical COVID, all the way to vaccines, political COVID, and concomitant events as well as my personal memoirs, patient care, and the living stories of my patients. There is so much to share with you from April 2020 until the time of publication, so let us open the book and explore my time during COVID-19.

My Journey Through The Holy Bible

Author : Robert James Oliver, Jr.
Genre : Education
Publisher : Xulon Press
ISBN : 9781619967984
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 68 page

In closing this book I would like to thank a few people. First and foremost I would like to thank my family. Without them I would not be where I am today. I want to thank Celia Reeder for inspiring me to try and start memorizing bible verses in the Sunday school class she started. I want to thank Dr. Jay Strack for all his inspiring sermons he had done at NorthStar Community Church. I also want to thank Dr. Phillip Dunn for inspiring me to pick up my daily devotional book and start reading them every day again as I had put it up on my bookshelf for a while and hadn't read one until he mentioned it in a sermon. Lastly, I want to thank everyone at NorthStar Community Church for everything they have done and are doing for my family and I. God Bless all of you!

You Are Your Best Thing

Author : Tarana Burke
Genre : Social Science
Publisher : Random House Trade Paperbacks
ISBN : 9780593243633
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 257 page

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Tarana Burke and Dr. Brené Brown bring together a dynamic group of Black writers, organizers, artists, academics, and cultural figures to discuss the topics the two have dedicated their lives to understanding and teaching: vulnerability and shame resilience. Contributions by Kiese Laymon, Imani Perry, Laverne Cox, Jason Reynolds, Austin Channing Brown, and more NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY MARIE CLAIRE AND BOOKRIOT It started as a text between two friends. Tarana Burke, founder of the ‘me too.’ Movement, texted researcher and writer Brené Brown to see if she was free to jump on a call. Brené assumed that Tarana wanted to talk about wallpaper. They had been trading home decorating inspiration boards in their last text conversation so Brené started scrolling to find her latest Pinterest pictures when the phone rang. But it was immediately clear to Brené that the conversation wasn’t going to be about wallpaper. Tarana’s hello was serious and she hesitated for a bit before saying, “Brené, you know your work affected me so deeply, but as a Black woman, I’ve sometimes had to feel like I have to contort myself to fit into some of your words. The core of it rings so true for me, but the application has been harder.” Brené replied, “I’m so glad we’re talking about this. It makes sense to me. Especially in terms of vulnerability. How do you take the armor off in a country where you’re not physically or emotionally safe?” Long pause. “That’s why I’m calling,” said Tarana. “What do you think about working together on a book about the Black experience with vulnerability and shame resilience?” There was no hesitation. Burke and Brown are the perfect pair to usher in this stark, potent collection of essays on Black shame and healing. Along with the anthology contributors, they create a space to recognize and process the trauma of white supremacy, a space to be vulnerable and affirm the fullness of Black love and Black life.

The Forgiving Wife

Author : Abby,
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Publisher : Elm Hill
ISBN : 9781400328727
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 100 page

How did the book, The Forgiving Wife come up? It was the year 2007 when the Holy Spirit prompt me to write about my story. At first, I was reluctant and pulled back, but the spirit of God kept pressing upon me. I finally decided to start jutting information here and there. As I started to gather more and more memories of my early marriage each day. I realized that I didn’t have a name for the book. I then consulted God about giving me a name for the book. Within ten minutes of me asking, the Holy Spirit spoke quite clearly and said calmly, The Forgiving Wife. Not putting up a fight with what I heard and felt, I continued writing. As I gained confidence in writing my book, my marriage once again started to spiral downhill in 2011. I then started to doubt my book and asked what sense was it to continue? There was no way I could finish my book. How would I end it? Not sure of which way to steer my writing anymore, I was forced to stop writing. After taking another blow to my marriage in October of 2015.Two years later I finally realized that my battling marriage was far bigger than my husband and me. This was far beyond our intellect. I realized that we were not walking this road for ourselves but, for someone else. July 30th, 2017, I began to consolidate all of the writing pieces into chapters. After receiving approval from my husband to write about our personal, behind the scenes relationship. I then had a clearer understanding as to why I was writing this book in the first place. It was to help broken and hurting women out there. I wanted to let the world know that Jesus is still in the business of restoring, healing, changing and saving lives! I’m not asking you if Jesus can do it, I’m telling you that he can! I urge readers that if you don’t have Jesus as the head of your marriage and home, get him because you will need him! Some battles you win and some you lose. Whatever the case may be, don’t allow your marital issues cause you to become so disoriented that you want nothing to do with life anymore. Neither let them allow you to lose your integrity, your dignity, nor your identity! At the end of the day, both spouses must want the same thing. This book is intended to help both men and women. I explained in this book that fighting for your marriage is not an easy fight. As a matter of fact, in the book shows how difficult and discouraging it got for me at times. I talked about how I was at my lowest point. Where I felt like my breath was literally being snuffed away from me, but God! It talks about how I was so confused at times; I almost lost my mind. I do not suggest you stay in a marriage if the situation is life threatening. This book does not talk about having a perfect marriage. As a matter of fact, my book shows that my marriage is still far from perfect, we must learn to accept imperfections as well. You won’t regret buying this book. The content is intriguing, the events are interesting and engaging. And the message is authentic!