Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Articles, opinion pieces, poetry, fiction, artwork, videos, reviews, book excerpts, and other creative media of relevance to American Druids are welcome. Please see Editorial Calendar for deadlines and themes. Specific departments are listed below.

Please note that submission does not guarantee publication. Druid Magazine editors will assess all submissions for relevancy and appropriate content. Material is then subject to editorial approval throughout the editorial process. Major changes will be sent to authors for approval prior to publication. We strive to be a professional newsmagazine and will adhere to journalistic standards. Please follow our editorial style guide when submitting content.

Submission Process & Format

Please email material to the relevant editor in MS Word format to enable tracking for the review process. Written material should include suggested headline, byline and two-sentence author biography. Please mention potential artwork ideas if not included. Artwork should be at least 960X530 and in any major image format such as jpeg or png. For detailed instructions on formatting and style, please see our editorial style guide.


Submissions may be sent to us at any time throughout the year regardless of editorial calendar. All efforts will be made to respond in a timely fashion. If the next issue is considered full, the submission will be evaluated for inclusion in subsequent issues. Our deadlines provide us adequate time for the editorial process, however some content may be scheduled for later publication because it requires additional time or fits better with upcoming themes.


By submitting to Druid Magazine you are stating that you hold the sole copyright to the material and you are agreeing to give the online magazine the right to print the material after a routine editing process. Please see full sharing guidelines.


is an entirely volunteer effort. By submitting material, you are providing it at no cost to the magazine or its editors. The publication does not assess fees on authors for publishing content either.

Editorial Departments

Please note specific submission guidelines for each section:

Department Word Limit Content
Newsfeatures 750-1500 Main articles, feature stories
Around the Americas 250-1200 Features on traveling Druidry, groups and groves happenings; listings of events and gatherings
Children of the Forest N/A Children’s submissions, including poetry, prose, essays, illustrations
Healthy Ways 250-1000 Homeopathy, medical issues
Hearth and Cauldron 250-1000 Recipes and concoctions
Indigenous Ways 750-1200 Connections to indigenous traditions
Letters to the Editor up to 250 Responses to articles, etc.
Living Consciously 250-1000 Intentional living, sustainability, the three r’s
Magical Crafting 500-1000 Crafts of all kinds, ritual tools, how-tos
The Natural World 750-1000 Herbs, trees, plant spirits, gardening, permaculture, ogham, animism, recipes (word count excludes recipes)
Online Druidry 500-1000 Online spirituality, related technology
Op-Eds up to 250 Responses to articles, etc.
Practical Druidry 750-1200 Practicing Druidry, working with the land
Reviews 500-1000 Reviews of content in any media, e.g., books, video, audio, blogs, etc.
Ritual Space 500-1000 Seasonal celebrations, special rites, how to
Voices of Awen up to 500 Poetry, interviews with poets and writers, discussions of craft, profiles of historical figures, and mediations on druidic poetry, fiction, language