Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief Renu Aldrich
Chief Copyeditor Melanie Herd
Chief Researcher Clint Chamberlain
Photo Editor Brom Hanks
Website Manager Gary Sell
*  Openings: copyeditors, researchers, photographers, and illustrators

Editorial Departments

Department Editor Content
Newsfeatures Renu Aldrich Main articles, feature stories
Around the Americas Renu Aldrich Features on traveling Druidry, groups and groves happenings; listings of events and gatherings
Healthy Ways Shelley Keneipp Homeopathy, medical issues
Hearth and Cauldron Kirstie Maylor Recipes and concoctions
Indigenous Ways Gail Colfax Connections to indigenous traditions
Letters to the Editor Renu K. Aldrich Responses to articles, etc.
Living Consciously Lolly Nicol Intentional living, sustainability, the three r’s
Magical Crafting Catriona McDonald Crafts of all kinds, ritual tools, how-tos
The Natural World (vacant) Herbs, trees, plant spirits, gardening, permaculture, ogham, animism, recipes (word count excludes recipes)
Op-Eds Renu K. Aldrich Opinion pieces or editorials on any topic of interest to American Druids
Practical Druidry Moss Magill Practicing Druidry, working with the land
Reviews Sarah Disler Reviews of content in any media, e.g., books, video, audio, blogs, etc.
Ritual Space David North Seasonal celebrations, special rites, how to
Voices of Awen Gail Nyoka Poetry, interviews with poets and writers, discussions of craft, profiles of historical figures, and mediations on druidic poetry, fiction, language
Workplace Druidry Barb Pott Druidry in the professional world