Druid Magazine is now closed for publication

Dear readers and contributors,

As we celebrate the darkest time of the year tonight, it is also a time for endings and closure. After an amazing few years, we are ready to cease publication of Druid Magazine. What a wonderful time it’s been! With five issues since the summer of 2015, we have explored so many topics impacting Druids and witnessed a fabulous diversity of expression. The whole DM staff and I would like to send out our deepest appreciation for your support and collaboration with us. Your submissions have inspired and enlightened us. I also thank the entire editorial team, a staff of unbelievable volunteers who gave so much of themselves to make this magazine great: Melanie Herd, Gary Sell, Clint Chamberlain, Brom Hanks, Barb Pott, Catriona McDonald, Gail Nyoka, Moss Magill, David North, Gail Colfax, Lolly Nicol, and many others who extended time and energy over the years.

In winter, nature lets go of what is no longer nourishing and what has died to make room for new life. Endings are necessary for new energy to flow, and for us to elevate to the next level of growth. So, while we are sad to leave you in this format, our community continues to expand rapidly and has formed so many more updated venues for expression and connection. The DM library will remain open for about a month if you’d like to review the many pages of interesting articles and inspiring artwork from so many like-minded people from around the world cherishing the earth. It has been truly an honor to be the facilitator of this beautiful project, to see so many voices emerge and bring our particular issues to the forefront.

As I move on to produce more of my own psychologically driven work having just finished a PhD, the spiritual component remains ever present. My spiritual warriorship is about people, not only the earth. DM has been part of my journey toward being more focused on the world at large, helping others connect to the earth and heal using the gifts of nature. As Philip advises, Druids can best foster peace in the world by being part of it. This mission seems crucial at this time in our civilization, because without enough self-love we cannot love others and the land in healthy ways. Our battered egos then take over, trying to prove our worth unnecessarily and causing untold collateral damage. All too often we see this manifest around us, even in our spiritual community, when dictatorship is imposed without collaboration or consideration, when nature is abused and her energies misused for malicious and greedy intent, when boasting of spiritual knowledge is used to cover inadequacy, when situations are met with reactionary accusation and without consideration of positive intent, when bystanders neglect to give aid when watching even loved ones be harmed, when people are manipulated for (the illusion of) power and control…the sad list goes on and on. However, we also have the counterpoint, the many positive experiences that enrich us and deepen our ties to the earth and to perfectly imperfect humanity. We come together through the generosity of sharing burdens and information, communing over fire and food, and supporting each other’s paths. Humans are remarkable self-healing beings, capable of renewal and rejoicing even in the midst of chaos in the cosmos. With the welcoming of the returning light, may the glow of the love and peace in our hearts overwhelm the negative. More fun, less drama!

With the land beneath us, the waters around us, and the sky above us, let us say goodbye for now. Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again. Brightest blessings on the journey ahead! Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday season and a prosperous, abundant new year.

Yours under the Oaks,

Renu Aldrich